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Of all the Medals Upon our Chest From the Battles and War we knew, The one admired as THE VERY BEST
Is the one of Infantry Blue. It is only a rifle upon a wreath,
So why should it mean so much?
That gives it that Magic Touch. To earn this special accolade
You faced the enemy's fire
Whether you survived or not
God dialed that one desired.
For those of us who served the cause
It is the

CIB Badge

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74- Reunion of combat comrade-in-arms after 43 years

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

This episode describes the story of a “one-in-a-billion” chance meeting of myself and my best buddy and hootch-mate in Vietnam, the closest of the brothers that I had — after 43 years.

This meeting was surrealistic, euphoric, emotional and most memorable of all the events in my life — as I am sure it would be in yours, if you had met your closest buddy and best brother from your time in combat after over 4 decades.

As you will hear in this episode, my best buddy — let’s call him “Bob” — took this photo with a borrowed Instamatic(C) camera while we were in Da Nang, as we were getting resupplied, because we were to go out the next morning from the helipad on another mission in the bush.

A photo of me taken by Bob in DaNangAs you will also hear in this podcast audio episode, I differentiate this type of reunion (with Bob) from two other instances where I had run into very short meetings with other members of my company — but these were grunts with whom I was not that close, and who were not my best buddies.

The meeting and reunion with Bob was tremendous — 80 per cent of the time was spent in laughing and remembering the good times. However, 20 per cent of the time, we also communicated about the bad times (even though we never had mentioned it or spoken about it ever in 43 years to anyone else).

For those of you who may be wondering — yes, there was a negative effect of such a reunion. For several days of being in a surrealistic “fog” (very much like being in a trance or a dream), the evenings would produce flashbacks and nightmares for several days after the meeting. I don’t think you can EVER get around that, because those consequences are lifelong and unannounced.

But the end of the episode touches upon the wonderful situation you can encounter if you ever reunite with your best buddy from the war — especially one who was your “hootch-mate” from the bush when you were both GRUNTS in VIETNAM.

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22- Combat Camaraderie- what it means to a Combat Infantryman

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

In this audio podcast episode of the Southern Chapter in Austin, Texas- H21, of the Combat Infantrymen’s Association, we deliver some thoughts on the theme of Combat Camaraderie.

Combat Camaraderie

We also try to address these common questions that are being asked now by some of the combat infantrymen who are returning from their tours of duty in the Middle East:

– what is this type of enduring and internal bond between comrades who are combat infantrymen?

– how is this bond created, and how does it last during combat–and even afterwards–for the combat infantryman?

– why is this something that the school-trained counselors at the VA cannot totally comprehend nor understand?

– what are some of the examples of this type of camaraderie that has existed in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm and the current conflicts in the Middle East?

Take it from one individual’s experiences in how this type of camaraderie saved his life and kept him going–solely to go above self and put the lives of his men before his own during the combat. Also, you will see in this audio podcast how this type of bond still endures to help those Vietnam Veterans that are being treated for mental health issues (like PTSD) because their trust, understanding and non-judgmental empathy is the real treatment that provides the healing and possible closure.

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